It’s at this hour I start preparing myself to get to sleep

No really, I mean this. Go on to your Nextdoor app (the social media for your neighborhood) and post that you looking for help setting up your Nest thermostat. Or, can someone please help teach the grandparents how their Roku works? When I done similar posts, I often say up front that I looking for a teen tech genius who can speak non geek, and doesn get frustrated easily.

iphone 8 case Post CenturyLink, Inc.Thank you, Tony, and thank you all for joining our call today as we discuss CenturyLink’s fourth quarter 2017 results, our progress on the integration of CenturyLink and Level 3, and the 2018 outlook for our business.For the next few minutes, I will discuss CenturyLink’s continued transformation to one of the world’s leading network providers and will also make a few remarks about fourth quarter results and some of our plans for 2018. I will then hand the call over to Sunit to review fourth quarter results in more detail and discuss our 2018 business outlook. And following Sunit, Jeff will provide an operations review of our business iphone case, including an update on our sales and operations integration and alignment to date, and the opportunities and challenges he sees in the months ahead for our business.As we move into our first full year of the combined operations of CenturyLink and Level 3, we’ll talk for a minute about a look back basically. iphone 8 case

cheap iphone Cases As the case progressed, on November 19, 2013, the plaintiffs moved for a preliminary injunction enjoining the state from applying its marriage recognition ban against them.[60] On March 10, 2014, plaintiff couple Kellie Miller and Vanessa DeVillez withdrew from the case.[61] On March 14, Judge Aleta Arthur Trauger granted a preliminary injunction requiring the state to recognize the marriages of the three plaintiff couples. She wrote, “At this point, all signs indicate that, in the eyes of the United States Constitution, the plaintiffs’ marriages will be placed on an equal footing with those of heterosexual couples and that proscriptions against same sex marriage will soon become a footnote in the annals of American history.”[62] The state immediately filed a motion to stay this ruling iphone case, but, on March 20, Judge Trauger denied the request, reasoning that “the court’s order does not open the floodgates for same sex couples to marry in Tennessee. [and] applies only to the three same sex couples at issue in this case.”[63]. cheap iphone Cases

iPhone x case “Bedtime” for me actually begins at 7PM. It’s at this hour I start preparing myself to get to sleep that night. Here, I’ll make sure I’ve had a satiating but low carbohydrate dinner. If you leave a phone message for guitarist/composer/arranger Greg Por on a Monday or Tuesday, don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a return call. Those days are taken up with providing the musical direction to a little enterprise called with the Stars. The hours are long and stressful, and when they’re over, he nee[……]

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Return shipping is often very expensive

Buyers can return items they decide they don’t want within 7 days after receipt for full refund of purchase price minus shipping, as long as it is received in the condition in which it was originally shipped (new items must be returned in new unopened condition). If item offered free shipping, actual shipping cost to originally ship to the buyer will be subtracted from refund. If item was misrepresented, we will refund part or all of the shipping (both ways).

cheap canada goose In the original 1987 series, he sports a blue jacket with red cuffs and a red collar.For the 2017 reboot, Scrooge’s background is slightly different. He is well known as a seasoned “adventure capitalist”, who used to conduct adventures with his nephew Donald joining him. However an incident occurred that led to an estrangement between the pair and Scrooge losing the spark for adventure. cheap canada goose

cheap canada goose Solid door and handle guard protect user during transportation, while smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals.4.41 product ratings47 sold4 new refurbished from MOJACK DISTRIBUTORS LLC CRUSHER GEAR BAG LARGEthe scent crusherozone gear bag provides an easy and effective way for hunters to eliminate all odors before and after the hunt. Utilize the power of ozone with our system to quickly destroy all bacteria causing odors. Simply place your gear in the bag zip it up and set the timer. cheap canada goose

cheap canada goose You want to tighten these down all evenly. When you have all of these tightened down they should all be sunk in about equal. If you get a thread or two hanging out you probably want to start over and try again. If you ordered with us over past few days you may receive a parcel without a returns label included, for this we sincerely apologize. If you need to return your product please print off a returns label on the websitePlease use the enclosed shipping label and keep the tracking number for your records. Drop your return into any US Postal Service box, including your home mailbox.You will be asked to sign in or create an account.Once your return is submitted online, you’ll be prompted to print your packing slip and pre paid return label. cheap canada goose

canada goose outlet You will receive mostly 3 5 feet paracord. 90% and more is 550 paracord is USA made. Please message me if you questions.. The cat then pounces upon the mouse and devours it. The king arrives at the castle that formerly belonged to the ogre, and, impressed with the bogus Marquis and his estate, gives the lad the princess in marriage. Thereafter, the cat enjoys life as a great lord who runs after mice only for his own amusement.[5]. canada goose outlet

canada goose jackets Part 2 included 3.4 million viewers in the 9 to 14 group cheap canada goose, and the 7.38 million total viewers marked the largest audience for a Hannah Montana episode up to that point (The episode “Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. There are many different[……]

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The shoulder straps are both adjustable in length and

Cheap vibrators,cheap sex toys,sex toys,vibrators,male sex toys,dildos,cock rings,sex Toys for couples,butt plugs,anal sex toys We all just have different preferences when it comes to sex so while some people might not like to engage in that kind of practice, others might and both choices are just as fine. They isn’t one being more normal than the other. What matters most is you being comfortable with whatever you choose to engage in.

butt plugs The dried lube does leave a clear, tacky residue on toys, on the skin, and on any sheets/clothing that it drips onto, but it washes off easily and does not stain. I find it soothing to leave the lube on my mucous membranes without washing it off, but I find it tacky and annoying to leave it anywhere else and so I wash skin, toys, and anything else. If I use a large amount in my vagina, it will drip out after a session Cheap vibrators, but if I just use a dab, it rarely will..butt plugs

butt plugs Damn that was a good encyclopedia with a lot of great info, that book helped to shape me as the person I am now, it didn’t bring down any sexual practice as something unnatural and had some great liberal information on homosexuality. One thing did bug me about my parents being overly liberal, sometimes you just don’t want to hear your own mom justify masturbation to you, especially when you’re a 14 year old kid who’s scared of both boys and girls and doesn’t want to kiss anyone on the lips, ever (that didn’t last long ). I got a big shock a couple of weeks ago when two girls my age and one student teacher didn’t know if masturbation was healthy and supressed the conversation once I offered some info.butt plugs

butt plugs On Monday he continued: “Mexico has the absolute power not to let these large ‘Caravans’ of people enter their country. Is very generous to, sends many of their people to our country through our WEAK IMMIGRATION POLICIES. Caravans are heading here. I’m touching my pussy under my mini skirt when the doorbell rings Cheap vibrators, so the first thing I do when I answer it is stick my fingers in my mouth. He recognizes the taste and I smile mischievously. As I’m locking the door behind me, I purposely drop my keys and bend over.butt plugs

cheap vibrators So I did. I was very upset when I was done because he was done in like 15 seconds and was extremely vocal during the process unlike when we are being together. I asked if it felt better then me and he aid no just different. The shoulder straps are both adjustable in length and detachable. The straps are stretchy, black in colour, and have little rhinestone gems on them. Each strap has 15 gems on vibrators

sex Toys for couples And it doesn’t mean that things always work out I’ve broken up with partners and had problems with partners while involved in polyamorous configurations just as much as I did when I was being monogamous or that it’s a way to “fix” a relationship. But it requires a lot of honesty, a willingness to negotiate, commu[……]

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2(2) of the Criminal Code [now 319(2)] (“Every one who

Operational uptime for the year was 99% for our contracted rigs, the second consecutive year we have performed at this level. With respect to safety cheap iphone cases, we achieved new company records for total recordable and lost time incident rates, both of which were significantly better than the industry averages. Importantly, we continued to improve our safety results whilst the industry performance worsened year over year.

iPhone x case The mailbox checker tool allows you to check the total size of your mail and identify any large messages you may no longer need. You can also request an increase in your quota. To avoid this situation arising, it is necessary to periodically remove messages from your mailbox. iPhone x case

iPhone Cases sale The statue is by local sculptor Rudolph Torrini, whose notable works include the likeness of Pope John Paul II on the Cathedral Basilica grounds in the Central West End and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Open. 100 W. Monroe St. cheap iphone cases, 312 754 6560. Except she loves white guys. She only dated white guys, and her parents and brothers flipped out when she got engaged to one. Furthermore, Korea isn exactly a nation of immigrants like United States having a 2000+ year history of homogeneity doesn exactly help Koreans in learning to quickly accept foreigners and overcome a general culture of xenophobic tendencies.I do agree that Korean netizens are extremely toxic, and that something the Korean government is working hard to address. iPhone Cases sale

iPhone Cases In the Philippine context, a VoIP provider is an entity or a person who provides VoIP services directly to the people. They may also be resellers who are paid with certain amounts of compensation. They are required to post a performance bond worth five million pesos and having at least a capital of ten million pesos.. iPhone Cases

iphone 8 case Mention Charles Wigs cheap iphone cases cheap iphone cases, to any native Laguna Beach resident and you get instant recognition. A common reaction from home grown I grew up with Charles Wigs! Charles Thompson branded his wig salon before there was a name for branding. Yep, it all started a short 45 years ago and now he retiring.. iphone 8 case

iPhone x case People expected a far superior title to Vegas for 4, and that. Didn really happen. It makes sense for the same expectations to apply to the next game in such a big franchise as mass effect. Inquiries revealed that O’Brien had gone out for the night on Saturday, January 22, drinking, taking drugs and meeting another woman. He had returned at around 9.30am on the Sunday to the house on Copenhagen Way, where each had a bedsit, and had left in Magdalena’s car later that day. O’Brien was traced to the Malton area of North Yorkshire and was arrested at 11.45am on Wednesday cheap iphone cases, January 26.. iPhone x case

iphone 7 plus case 697 is a landmark freedom of expression decision of the Supreme Court of Canada where the court uph[……]

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If it had a tapered tip, the vibrating mechanism could be

A Texas jury has rejected the allegations of Jennifer Leigh Jones, 26, who said that she was drugged and raped while working for the military contractor KBR Inc. (Kellogg, Brown Root) in Iraq in 2005, The New York Times reported Friday. Jones “sued KBR, its former parent Halliburton Co.

sex Toys for couples We really need to see a change in our community, and we need someone who understands what our community is going through. As a refugee who came to this country as a child, I know the inhumanity of the Trump administration’s policies that will restrict new immigrants, and we need a leader who will fight tooth and nail against those policies. As a woman that has defeated breast cancer twice, I know how important it is to be an outspoken advocate for women’s health issues, so that all women have access to reproductive health care and breast cancer screenings.. sex Toys for couples

male sex toys Vibrators, particularly ones you can wear dog dildos, also have a myriad of uses.Sensory and neurological disabilities and debilitating illnesses, such as deafness, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis, are difficult to discuss broadly because there’s such a range of ability and each individual’s response to it is unique. The important thing here is to communicate clearly with your partner. Especially in the case of illness, there are going to be “good days” and “bad days”; flexibility is key.It’s almost taboo to talk about adults with mental disabilities having sex lives, because in this culture, they’re frequently treated like children (even those who are perfectly capable of running their own lives) and seen as asexual and undesirable. male sex toys

sex Toys for couples Packaging for this product is nothing to save to store in. It was of course shipped in the normal box from Eden Fantasys but the box this came in from its company is a white cardboard box. Then was wrapped in a plastic bag which is nice but too big to keep around. sex Toys for couples

sex Toys for couples Hi. Whenever I try and put anything into my vagina I can’t. It hurts too much. At stores there is a Women’s section and a Men’s, nothing else. These are my clothing options and these would be the options I had for what to put on my child. When ze grew old enough I would alow the child to pick zir own clothes, but as a baby I would have to make that decision for the child, and the child would be doubtless influenced by the clothes that I put on them.. sex Toys for couples

anal sex toys I found cybersex to be like a favorite appetizer: It’s sensual and delicious, but in the end, it just left me wanting more. After a little practice and research the centipede’s dilemma abated, and I found the practice liberating. I also found that dog dildo, just like in real life, my experience varied significantly between my two partners. anal sex toys

sex Toys for couples Well before I knew anything about the risks involved with having multiple partners, I was with 12 men. It was a wild time[……]

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He has a circumference of 7″ and a diameter of 2 1/4″ which I

Cheap vibrators,cheap sex toys,sex toys,vibrators,male sex toys,dildos,cock rings,sex Toys for couples,butt plugs,anal sex toys What I do hear from guys is that we often need a particular kind of dick oriented stimulation to get us off. And this is where the men folk and the women folk are a whole lot alike. You, like us, probably need a particular kind of stimulation to get you off.

butt plugs When Brady began exploring Mayan caves in the early 1980s, most people thought they were used for habitation. Brady was one of the first Mayan experts to postulate that caves often refashioned with trails and plazas that allowed groups of people to congregate inside were far more than rocky dwellings. Instead, he argued, caves were sacred spaces as fundamental to Mayan cosmology as their massive stone temples, which still rise from the jungle floor throughout Latin America.butt plugs

butt plugs To be honest, I think I could get what I want from this friendship, I just never want to ask because I sometimes have a hard time telling what’s selfish or not. I know that asking to hang out just us isn’t selfish, and he said that he loves doing that, and in all honesty, it’s not either of our fault that we haven’t in awhile; he’s been dealing with graduating and then he was on senior vacation for awhile. So he has become just like all my other friends; we don’t talk everyday, we hang out in groups.butt plugs

cheap vibrators I was once asked if I would break up with someone for gaining 50 pounds and I said “yes”. My ex wife put on 30 pounds during her pregnancy with our daughter and I stood by her paying her as much attention as she would allow. Pregnancy isI was once asked if I would break up with someone for gaining 50 pounds and I said “yes”.cheap vibrators

sex toys If you’re looking for a good, thin, water based lube that doesn’t get sticky and works well during intercourse, take a look at Wicked Aqua Sensitive. It has moisturizing ingredients, is glycerin and paraben free, and is safe to use with condoms. It also works well on smooth or glass toys, but it isn’t thick enough for textured/matte surfaced toys or anal toys

butt plugs The design is cool. It’s clear with a hint of pink inside. Clear is good because it blends with the surroundings, so if you wanted to use in public, you could get away with it. “I feel good,” Chlo says. And for a while dildos, she’s right: She has a well paying job as a museum guard and a new life and apartment with Paul, who loves everything about her except her cat, Milo. (Overcompensating on that end is their feline loving neighbor, played by a casually sinister Myriam Boyer.) But while Paul ensures Chlo a measure of stability, he also gives rise to more perplexing mysteries: If he’s an only child, as he claims, who is the identical looking other boy in his childhood photographs And if his surname is Meyer, why does his passport identify him as Paul Delord.butt plugs

vibrators The fate of conservative pundit Laura[……]

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